Welcome to the Appalachian Water Watch Alerts Site

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This site has been created to help local people in Central Appalachia report and track incidents of water pollution. Emergency spills, such as the West Virginia MCHM spill, coal mine sediment and slurry pond spills, tanker truck spills, and natural gas well blowouts, are often only reported to a subset of the community, or only to state agencies. It is often difficult to obtain notification of spills within one’s community, or to gain information about how a spill is being dealt with by responsible companies and agencies.

Appalachian Water Watch also serves as a forum for residents to report concerns about drinking water quality. Our team is interested in all types of water pollution, including well and city water.

Through this site, we aim to address these issues by providing:

  • a means for local people to report spill and contamination events they witness¬†
  • independent monitoring and testing of pollution events
  • electronic notification of spill events to site users
  • automatic notification to the press of major spill events