How to Get Involved

Receiving Notifications

Anyone can sign up to receive notifications of pollution events by email and by text message. In order to send notifications, you must register as a site user. We will never share your contact information. You can sign up for notifications on then notifications page. You can tailor your notifications so that you receive events within certain areas.

Submitting a Report

Sediment Pond Spill

We accept reports of water pollution events from anyone in the Central Appalachian coalfields (including Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia). You can submit a report in one of three ways:

  1. using the online submission form 
  2. sending an email to
  3. calling our toll-free number 1-855-7WATERS

You are not required to give us your name when you make a report; however, if you do provide us with your name and contact information, we can verify the report and followup with additional monitoring and testing more easily. We will never make your name or contact information public, or share it with anyone outside the administrators of this site.

Becoming a Registered User

Testing the pH and conductivity of a stream

Becoming a registered site user allows you to sign up to receive notifications of water pollution in your area. Registering also allows us to contact you more easily to determine appropriate followup responses to pollution you report. As a registered user, you can choose your own site user name, which can be anonymous. Your name, user name and contact information will not be displayed in your reports.

You can register for the site here.

After registering, you can receive permission to become an advanced site user. Advanced site users have access to a more sophisticated report submission page, where they can upload water monitoring data and other useful information. By becoming an advanced user, we can provide training in what to look for during water pollution events, access to water testing equipment, and a network of other individuals in your area who can help monitor pollution events. We rely on advanced site users to verify pollution reports from unknown sources.

To receive training to become an advanced user of this site, please contact us either on our toll-free number (1-855-7WATERS) or by emailing