Observation Number 1778

Incident ID 1778
Date2017-03-23 23:14:06
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Incident Description: An Imminent Harm Cessation Order (IHCO) has been issued for the Admiral Processing operation, an Alpha Natural Resources affiliate. The IHCO is still in effect. The amount of coal slurry leaked into Crooked Run is still under investigation. Inspectors with the WVDEP’s Division of Mining and Reclamation (DMR) believe the coal slurry came from a burst pipe at the facility. The coal slurry entered Crooked Run, which flows into Drawdy Creek, which then flows into the Coal River. The nearest public water system is Lincoln County PSD, which has an intake approximately 17 miles downstream on the Coal River. St. Albans also has an intake on the Coal River, approximately 35 miles downstream. Officials at both water treatment plants have been notified of the spill. The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health (BPH) reports that as a precaution, both water intakes will be shut down overnight, which will not affect the water supply to customers. BPH officials will be in contact with both plants in the morning to determine if any changes are noticed in the raw water supply.


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