Observation Number 1562

Incident ID 1562
Date2014-02-04 16:25:42
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Testing Results

Aluminum877 ug/L
AntimonyNon Detect
Arsenic15.4 ug/L
Barium86.2 ug/L
BerylliumNon Detect
Boron141 ug/L
CadmiumNon Detect
Calcium7830 ug/L
ChromiumNon Detect
CobaltNon Detect
Copper7 ug/L
Iron721 ug/L
LeadNon Detect
Magnesium2740 ug/L
Manganese27 ug/L
MolybdenumNon Detect
NickelNon Detect
PotassiumNon Detect
Selenium2.3 ug/L
Silicon7590 ug/L
SilverNon Detect
Sodium5800 ug/L
Strontium70.8 ug/L
ThalliumNon Detect
TinNon Detect
Titanium55 ug/L
Vanadium11.1 ug/L
ZincNon Detect
MercuryNon Detect
Total Suspended Solids208 mg/L

Incident Description: Water testing results for metals 23 miles downstream from the Dan River Spill site at the Danville drinking water intake, February 4, 2014 at 4:25 pm.


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